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Virtual Fundraiser

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Keith Abel's Virtual Fundraiser
Keith Abel's Virtual Fundraiser
Jun 26, 2024, 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Zoom | ID:86240209685 Code: 855917


As your representative, my utmost priority is to tirelessly advocate for your interests and address the challenges faced by both individuals and businesses within our district. I am dedicated to actively engaging with residents, listening attentively to your concerns, and working tirelessly towards effective solutions that will benefit us all.


Keith Abel is an exemplary individual committed to serving the public. Hailing from Broward County, Florida, he embarked on an extraordinary journey after completing his education at Miramar High School. Joining the United States Army, Keith dedicated thirty years of his life to serving his country with great distinction in various assignments across the globe, including Germany, the Republic of Korea, Cuba, Africa, and two war-zone areas: Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm/Desert Shield and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Apart from his illustrious military career, Keith is a highly accomplished professional. He holds a Master of Science degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations and Marketing. His expertise is further exemplified by his prestigious certification in Operational Contract Support from the U.S. Army Logistics University. Additionally, Keith has acquired a Billing official certificate from U.S. Bank.


Keith's commitment to public service extends far beyond his military duties. He actively serves as the President of the Broward County Democratic Veteran Caucus of Florida and is a respected member of the Board of Adjustment for Oakland Park, FL, the Veteran of Foreign War (VFW) Post 8195, and the American Legion Post 222 and Kiwanis West Club in Deerfield Beach.

He has also dedicated his time and efforts to the Broward County Consumer Protection Board and the School Advisory Council for Lake Forest Elementary School. Additionally, Keith has been deeply involved in various community organizations, such as Friends of Carver Ranches Library and West Park Martin Luther King Action Committee. He has passionately mentored students at Nu Gent of West Park Preparatory School, empowering them through motivational speeches and offering educational guidance.


Keith's unwavering dedication to "service before self" lies at the core of his success. He recognizes the significance of fostering strong community bonds and actively works towards creating an environment where individuals can prosper collectively. Keith Abel is a trustworthy pillar of strength, known for his unwavering determination, reliability, and steadfast devotion.

Why I'm Running

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I am running for Florida State House Representative in District 98 because I have lived in South Florida all my life and served its citizens, and our country admirably through my many years of military service. As a proud citizen of District 98, I want to keep this area a wonderful place to live and raise a family.


I have the experience in finance, community service and organizational planning necessary to be an effective Representative of District 98. I will work hard and make sure your voice is heard.


This will be done by focusing on Education, Quality Affordable Housing, Veterans Rights and the rights of women, children, and minorities. I am a strong advocate for an increase in funding to develop and preserve affordable housing units, expanding housing vouchers and addressing the unique needs of veterans by concentrating on healthcare, employment, homelessness, and streamlined disability benefits. I am committed to women's rights and will strongly advocate for equal access to reproductive healthcare. Yes, I believe the children are our future. As the District 98 Representative I pledge to always advocate for the excellent educational opportunities that our students deserve.


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